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Through God’s Word for Life, we will cheer on David from the Valley of Elah as he fights Goliath, and we still stand breathless to see Solomon build the Temple. Then we will jump testaments and be awed by Jesus’ words as He shares pearls of wisdom in His parables, then by His works as He works wonders in response to faith in the early pages of John’s Gospel.
This study will:
• Follow Israel’s second and third kings from the day David was anointed until the day Solomon prayed for wisdom to lead God’s people. As we explore how God worked through their lives, we will embrace how to answer
• Examine four parables Jesus taught in the Gospels to prepare our hearts to seek God, love grace, and live righteously. These parables include The Sower, The Lost Sheep, The Laborers, and The Banquet.
• Examine Jesus’ grace-filled and powerful response to faith through His encounters with believers in the New Testament, calling us today to seek Jesus with faith.